Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Anne Schraff

Although Jamee clearly has a lot of problems, she doesn’t seem able to express them in words. Pretending you are Jamee, write a goodbye note that she could have left behind when she ran away. In it, try to explain why you are leaving and what you hope to accomplish by doing so.


Anonymous said...


Dear, family

I am running away from home. I can't stand the problems I have now. I want to solve my problems by myself. I can't always have you guys solve my problem.
From your sis,

Sh@n@r@ Mosl3y said...

Shanara Mosey

Dear, Mom , Darcy and grandma

I wrote this letter to say goodbye.
All the years that dad has left us I been through a lot of pain and its not only that but I been used by one boy I really loved and when Darcy told him that I cant like him anymore he beat me. I want you guys to understand that I did this for a reason and that I am going through a lot of pain. What I also want to guys to know is that I really love you but the pain inside me needs to stop.

Hakim Iman said...

I am going through stuff I can't take, I just need to cool down and get my mind strait. My conflicts are like bees, once they chase you, they never stop. I want a life with no distractions, a life with no ending, I want to keep going until my heart pumps it's last dose of blood.

Jariel SON [soto] said...

Jariel SON says

If I was Jamee I would write my mom a goodbye note to let her know I left. In my goodbye note I would say “ I am Sorry mom, but the reason I had ran away was because I simply need space from every one and I need to be alone for a few, I would be in good hands. I can take control of my self” The reason I would be leaving is because I would probably need space from every one else and because I am going through a couple of problems and phases, since I don’t want no one to help me. I would handle it my self by being alone and by getting all of my anger out. I would accomplish to feel more happy with my self instead of stressing as much as Jamee is stressing at the Moment especially with the “Bobby and Darcy” issue.a. Last but not least the things I would accomplish is by letting go of what I had before I ran away, and starting up something new for when I come back from when I was idle.

shaquan Murray said...


If I were Jamie I would have left a goodbye note saying I am leaving you because my life right now is a tragic so that is why I am leaving I will miss you. Plus she does not have anywhere to go. She is leaving because probably nobody cares for her no more and no home. What I would accomplish so if I had ran away I would of got me a job tried to by a house if I had the money then start a family find a good looking man to treat you write.

Melissa Enid Rodriguez said...

Melissa Rodriguez

dear who ever is reading this letter,

you will not see me for a long time I chosen to run away and be free. I have too many problems I need some space for my self.I am running cause my life is so tragic. Your lives will be better now that am gone. Do not worry looking for me I will be alright. I am with my love one bobby we both together and we will live our life.

veldine said...

Dear family,
I'm running away from home because i can't take it anymore, there's to much drama going on. Daddy left, mom's never home, Grandma is sick, Bobby Wallace is a jerk and no one understands me. I think if i run away i will feel better if i just get away from the house for awhile, but i will be back soon.


Nadalia Rowe said...

If I were Jamee, I would write a goodbye letter saying:
Dear family,
I am leaving because they is too much pressure on me. Dad left us, without an explanation and since that I haven’t been thinking straight. I’ve been hanging out with Bobby Wallace and he is not a great influence. I’m at the mountains, because that’s where Dad used to take us. I’m just thinking about what’s my next move. I’m hoping to accomplish why Dad left and hopefully bring the family back together.

Anonymous said...

Shaliyah keene

Dear family,

I am writing this letter because I have to run away. I had to get out the house for a few days because I had a lot on my mind. Every since dad left the family I’ve been down. I wanted to tell you but I just can’t think about it any more. I know you might be thinking why I ran away… good question I ran away because I can’t talk to any one about this. I hope to accomplish many things when I’m gone but there was one that cough my attention and it is trying to for get about dad.


P.S I don’t know I’ll be back.

Alex said...

Dear Family,
I am running away from you all not because I don't love you I just need to be alone and I want to tell you that I love you and I'm leaving because of all the problems I been through and I don't want you to go through the things I've been going through.
From, Jamee
P.S. Please don't look for me.

Aramis Pena said...

Since I am going through a lot of problems I would have to tell you that I'm going to run away because I figured the longer I stay the more problems I will get into so good bye...

daquari said...

Hi mom and grandma and darcy even dad I am sorry that I have to leave you but it something I got to do darcy you are always bugging me about school and all other thing I am not failing in school so hop off. Mom you are never home and sometimes I need to talk to I miss you mom I want you home and when you are home you are always tired. And grandma you was the best person that I would talk to and dad you left me so that’s y I left I will be back love you

marlin castillo said...

Goodbye mom and Darcy, I want to tell you that I cant stand having so much problems in live, first is grandma she cant remember anything she pretends she’s a little girl, also Darcy she never leaves me alone she’s always telling me what to do and what I cant do, my dad I cant leave thinking of what he did leave me and not coming back just running away like if he was about to get arrested. im seek and tired of hearing problem in my life, and having to here Darcy telling who I can hangout with and who I can’t, and Bobby I cant believe that he really used me to steal for him. that is not right.


Elina Caban said...

My Goodbye Note

If i was jamee i would say this...

Dear Mom and Darcy,
I am leaving because when dad came back he got me confused because I now remember when me and Darcy was little when Dad took me to the mountains and we use to just stay there. But when he came back I was all a blur. But you two are always solving my problems and now this is the chance to solve it myself.

I love you both

LOVE, Jamee

Ivana Vazquez said...

Dear Family,

I'm running away. I can't stand being related to Charlotte, or knowing that dad left us for some 24 year old! Hopefully while I'm gone, mom will tell Aunt Charlotte that she needs to stop acting like she's better than us. Mom deserves more than to have HER as a sister. Grandma used to be so helpful when we told her our problems, now she doesn't even care! That's also why I'm leaving. Don't come looking for me.

Jamee Wills

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving because every thing has been going bad to worse for me ever since my dad has left. So I'm going away were nothing else can go wrong for my ever again.

JaToya Brown said...

JaToya Brown

Dear mom, Darcy and Grandma

I am writing this goodbye letter to let you know that I am running away. I’m leaving is because my life is going really defectively. The reason why I’m my life is going defectively is because Bobby was a awful person that I never knew and Darcy was trying to tell me that but I didn’t listen and I was stealing from the store for him and we could’ve both went to jail also dad don’t live with us.

mariana said...

Mariana Ayala

If I was Jamee and I was suppose to write a goodbye note that I left behind when I ran away I would write Hi mom you may probably already know that I left. I left because I am not happy in my life and daddy left us. I feel alone and my heart is empty. A lot of bad things happened to me I just wanted to get away from all of it. What I try to accomplish is to live a better life and be happy I am sorry.