Friday, June 13, 2008

The Crossing

If you could meet Manny, what would you say to him? What type of advice would you give him? Can you relate to what he is going through?


Anonymous said...

heeeeey i would told him stop playin wit meah.

Anonymous said...

If I could meet Manny, I will call the cops since he's a Immigrant and once the cops come I will tell him to run for his life.

Anonymous said...


If I met Manny I would help him with him go to his destination. I would give him a 20 to help him. My advice would be if you believe in your self long enough you can do anything.No, I never been to what he's going through.

H@k!m !m@n ^_^ said...

If I met Manny I would tell him he should steel a bat or a pocket knife and hurt the people who grabbed him by his hair and was going to bring him to their "boss". He should also cut down a tree and make a boat to travel in and get some more food to bring on the journey with him. He should survive with that for 5-10 days as he goes. My 3rd choice was that the girl could take him in instead of watching him suffer.

veldine said...

If i could meet Manny, i would say, hey, your too young to be going across the boarder, and maybe i will support him, and say it's going to be alright.

Anonymous said...

Shaliyah Keene

If I could meet Manny the advice I would give him that he should run away because he doesn’t have much food and he hardly gets no money. I would tell him how to get money and where to get a good meal from. When Manny gets money someone like the older kids always finds a way to take it from him. No I cannot relate to what he’s going through because I have to eat and I have to have money

Treyvon Rogers said...

If I would ask him how does it feel to live like this. I would tel him to learn how to find food and shelter and make shore not to lose it. I can't relate to what manny is going through because I don't have to survive in the streets and I can keep my stuff without anyone taking it. I can stay in a warm house and a shelter that is big enough for a family or two. I would not need to hurt people to get what I want. But I would need to get a job to support the shelter I live in.

Anonymous said...

Go 6@, b3 br33zy.

Anonymous said...

Veldine's comment was not that descriptive. F for class

Anonymous said...

Shaquan Murray

If I had to meet Manny I would tell him to tried to survive this tragic because he has no where to go and he is living in a box that’s been on a street. Also he is in Mexico trying cross the border and he meets sergeant Locke and will get along and I will tell him that he is sergeant Locke son everybody needs to know. That he is his son even my class said that he is his son. Also I would him get to his destination.

mariana said...

Mariana Ayala

If I could meet Manny I would say how does it feel to be an
Orphan? Also who is your best friend and what do you do to survive.
My advice to Manny is don’t let anyone get in your way to becoming
What you want. To do whatever you need to do to reach your goal. No
I can’t relate to what he is going threw because I have a home and all
I need to survive.

Elina Caban said...

The Crossing
If you could meet Manny, what would you say to him? What type of advice would you give him? Can you relate to what he is going through?

If I would have meet Manny I would have said to him is that where did he come from and where does he live and how are his parents. The advice that I will give Manny is that when the tough get going, the going gets tough, it means that there are going to be hard to cross the boarder to the United States of America. Will I can kind of relate to Manny because I have I have gone through stuff but not that kind of stuff like almost getting arrested for almost crossing the boarder.

Anonymous said...

If I where to meet Manny I don't think I would have any similaritise to him in any way posible. In the first place why would I meet him in the first place?

Jariel SOTO! 8) said...

If I could meet Manny Santos, and I would HAVE to give him advice I would tell him to never give up and to just look forward on crossing the border and to just focus on that for now, because once when he hits America he would find many opportunities. I would also tell him to try a new plan to get on the boat and to cross to America. Because his plans so far aren’t working as good as he planned, so he would need a NEW solution to help him get out of Mexico… I would give him POSITIVE advice, so he could actually take it and MOVE on so he can become an American Settler, so he can be a newcomer to attend better opportunities because when he comes to America, he can find himself a Job go to a school, and just make his life better. Since his been trying VERY hard, he deserves a better life style.

Nadalia Rowe said...

If I were to meet Manny I would tell him that if he’s really trying to cross the Mexico border, he needs to make friends with people who have connections. Like Sergeant Locke because he’s a sergeant and he is in the army and he can call someone so he wouldn’t get caught when crossing. Some advice I would is when he’s crossing he has to have a plan because the previous plan he had didn’t work, so the next one has to be successful so he has to make one that is. No I can’t relate to what he’s going through because I not an immigrant.

M31I22@ said...

^_^ h3y

If you could meet Manny, what would you say to him? What type of advice would you give him? Can you relate to what he is going through?

I would say hello how is he doing. If I gave him advice I will tell him that he need to be careful when he is crossing the border to America. Also to try his best that he can do it. I can kind of relate to him cause my friends came to America from D.R and she was born there. My friends Naomi and her sisters. They came on the plane with different papers but now the are citizens of America.

Aramis Peña (o_O) said...

If I were to leading Manny I would tell him to go ahead and do whatever he wants I’m not going to get in any trouble for something stupid. Because if I fail I would probably go to jail along with Manny.

JaToya said...

JaToya Brown

If I was to meet Manny I would say what’s up how are you doing? I would also say you should start looking for money and save it so you could buy some food,and he could look for him for some food. He should find something and hurt the people that pulled him out from the bushes so they could take him to his boss. I would say that you should ask Sergent Locke to help yo cross the border. I might help him cross the border too.

Anonymous said...

Dale cooper I would tell Manny that he needs to act more grown up and he needs to be tough. I would tell him to go along with your plan and watch his back. Pay some attention to Mr Lock cause you don't know that much about him.


if i had the chance to meet him i would give him the advise to just try to get more friends and ask one of there parents to take him in.also i would tell him to just start to play sprts and get real good at it and then he will get mad pop.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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