Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mesopotamia Video

List 5 main points from the Mesopotamia Video.


Anonymous said...

The 5 main ideas are, Farming, Traveling, Slaves, Snow in the Mountains, and it talks a bout a girl named Nisaba and how she is writing in her journal.

Anonymous said...

I am going to tell you 5 important things Mesopotamia
1). The first thing that they did was to learn how to farm.
2). Mesopotamia means land between two rivers.
3). They made a colander to tell when they would have a flood
4). They learned how to write on clay
5). They were the first ones to invent the wheel
6). They would make bricks out of mud and let it seat in the sun so it can dry that Is what the house are made of
7). They believe in seven goods one is the sun, earth, sky, saltwater, moon, freshwater and wind.

fatah a2 said...

the five main ideas that i heard are
1).that Sumerians learned how to farm.
2).they learned how to make houses.
3).they stopped floods from ruining plants.
4).they made taxes and rules.
5).they learned how to wright.those are five main points in this video.

idris a2 said...

They learned to farm is one.They learned how to write.They have kings and taxes and a god.They invented a lot of things such as the wheel and the irrigation system.They had a calendar to know when a flood will come by using zodiacs.Mesopotamians were very modern and these were the 5 main points i discovered in the video.

michael a2 said...

the 5 things i heard are:
1.That they learned how to farm.
2.They learned how to make houses.
3.They stoped floods from ruining plaints.
4.they made taxes rules.
5.they did thier own creative writting.

Dhakiya a2 said...

I think think that the 5 most important ideas on Mesopotamia is

1.)They have different sides to the city were the rich and the poor live to their ranks in the kingdom.
2.)They have taxes called burdens.
3.)If you have to pay back a debt owed to someone or you did something wrong you have to be a slave for three years then you get set free.
4.)They were the first people to make the wheel.
5.)the way they payed their taxes was by giving grain or working for the city.

karl a2 6a said...

the first of the five main point of the video is that they learned how to farm second they they made house made by mud bricks third theres five cities that worship 1 of 7 gods. fourth sumer was a village then it grow into cities and states and last sumerians learned how to write

Anonymous said...

The 5 things that were important to me are.
1.the best thing that they invented was the wheel.
2.they were very good at making mud bridge.
3.Nisaba said that her dad work's for the king.
4.her city state was Nippur.
5.Nippur was one of the holy spirit also that cigar was huge square building.

tiffany a2 said...

The five main ideas are that they can make houses and buildings out of mud bricks. The second important thing is they became farmers. The third main idea is that they had kings and you had to live in a certain place if you are a shopkeeper or if you work for the king. The fourth is that some of the people that are slaves are slaves because they had depths to pay and they didn’t pay them. My last one is that they had to pay taxes for everything and in order to pay your taxes you would have to give big bags of grains.

Ashley a2 said...

I am about to tell you the 5 main ideas of Mesopotamia
1) They learned hot to farm.
2) They made rules for there country.
3) They learned how to farm.
4) They discovered there is 12 months in a year and 30 day in a month.
5) Wealthy people had maids to do there chorus aroung there house for them.

shakiraa2 said...

The first main point is that they put tax on everything like us sometimes.
The second is that they were the first people to write and when they paid tax they used food to do it .
The third is that they us clay as paper and little stick for things to write with.The fourth important thing is that you have pay tax for when someone dies.The last thing is that when you work for the god(there god is the master who rules the village)you can live in a 2 storey house and have slaves to do everthing for you

SyDnEy BoDdEn 6A said...

The Sumerians invented a calendar to see if there was going to be a flood any time soon.
They invented how to write. When they wrote things down they would use a hard material and hey use clay so they can write on it and when the clay is hard sometimes the writing they wrote can stay there forever.
Before carts and wheels the Sumerians h carry their own food and supplies.
They say that the wheel was one of their best creations ever because now they don’t have t carry their food on their heads and their backs.
The god’s temple is called ZIGGURAT and that’s what the god’s home is.

Tasha a2 said...

One main important reason from the video is the best thing they invented and that was the wheel. They where the first to come up with that idea before carts and wheels they used to drag things around. The second reasoning is they used to make there houses out of mud bricks. They would pack the mud up and bake them in the sun so they would be nice and hard. Third is when they had to much water they made levees and canals to stop the water from flooding there land. Fourth is they had to start farming so they start to gather food. Last. They also invented writing they had this read they pressed the point into some wet clay and started writing

kellie a2 said...

The thing that I learn about is that they are many slaves who need to do stuff for many people it really sad. The father said the first thing that they did is farming they said it was really hard. They discover that they cant plant eat animals to he said it called domestication that mean when you get food. The girl said that if there is a flood they could just have a large space for the water to come in. the important thing that I heard was that ziggurat mean house finding angle under it kind of wise but I really like it .the Mesopotamia’s really great

keyandra a2 said...

Keyandra Roberson November 13th, 2008

One main point from the video Mesopotamia is that before when the little girls ancestors were alive they had to hunt for their food. But when they were hunting they spotted a plant that could help them plant crops.

The second main point is that when they traded something that had to pay taxes. For example every man in each house had to work for the government to help the city and for taxes.

The third main point is that her people had a bad delima. They were worried that the lakes might flood the crops. So they build dam to keep the water from flooding. Also they were worried that in the summer that the crops wouldn’t get enough water.

The fourth main point is that they learned how to write. They learned how to write so they can write down what they had traded.

The last main point is that when they had slaves they would have to do everything for them. But after they do everything they let them go.

Eliana A2 said...

the 5 main point i think are that there is snow on the mountains and in the summer it all falls and it goes into the river. they are good farmers.they don't have to travel to get food because they know how to farm.they used slaves because they were disrespectful to the king so they became slaves, and the last main idea is that they were the onse who created writing.

de-andre a2 said...

Their ancestors were hunters and gatherers who never really had a stable food supply and they never new when there next meal would come so never ate too much but enough.
They get there good soil from the mountains when the snow melts then it over flows the banks. Their ancestors were resilient so they never gave up they built levees to keep the water from flooding into the town next they were also clever so the people built gates to bring in a sufficient amount of water so as not to flood the town.
The Sumerian people invented a calendar from which they could tell the time when the floods would occur. They also invented a way of writing to better keep track of things. As the Sumerian got more advanced they go a bigger sense of community. The Sumerians are a lot like us modern day humans because they have taxes, and they also have rich and poor they also have several gods they also have rulers and laws.

karla a2 said...

Karla castro
A2 6a

I am going to said that the Mesopotamia video is about the Mesopotamia that they are the people that they live in a house that have food and school to the kind can learn and that can de like us I think that they are from a place that they have to make they food.
1. the first thing that did was to learn how to farm to make food for the family.
2.mesopotamia means land between two rivers.
3.they made a colander to tell when they would have a flood.
4. they learned how to write on clay.

walter said...

One good main important idea was that they started to get good at farming then they didn't need to hunt.Another important idea was that they started to discovered that they could plant and harvest the kind of wheat that was growing wild. Another important idea was that they learned how to contain goats and sheep's and raise them for food, her grandfather said thats called DOMESTICATION it meant they didn't have to hunt food any more.The reason they get so much water was because they live in between two rivers. Another important idea was that thy love when it snowed because all the water drains down into the river and then it waters the crops but what they don't like was that the water use to flood the crops some of them died because of the water.Another important idea was that there was always fish in the lake for them so they really didn't have to worry about food.

Anonymous said...

ccccWhen I saw the video I learn about farming because that the main idea to make the crop . And the plow is a tool that make the line for the crops. And I know a new word domestication that how they get their food . leves is that block the water then you get the block out then all the water will go to the crop and when it dry up it grow big. And stylus is a type were they write on the walls. And they got famous mipur were they go to study. And they got milk and chess. Ziggurat is made from crop. And they got a country named Euphrates that were they lived at tigirs that the name of the water. A named nasha

Carlos A2 said...

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Carlos A2 said...

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