Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Rock Nine

Who were the little rock nine? What was significant (important) about them? Your response should be 2 paragraphs.


Anonymous said...

The little rock nine where nine black kids who had to go to a white school. What was important about them was that they never gave up. They didnt care what people sayd about them. They went to school, graduate and got a good education.

tiffany a2 said...

The little rock nine were people that segregated by Caucasian people that wanted their schools to stay Caucasian. The some black people wanted to attend central high school after segregation was over in schools. Seventy-five people applied and only nine people got in. They noticed only Arkansas and Texas only tried to stop segregation in the south. They started to go to school.

The little rock nine was spat on and tripped by the Caucasian and they could do nothing about it. The guards would not let them into the school because they were black. The president Dwight Eisenhower had to tell guards men to go to the school to protect the nine kids. Their teachers also ignored the kids when they raised their hand to answer a question. The kids asked them to sit and eat with them at lunch and the book quotes “ segregation still goes on”.

Dhakiya a2 said...

The little rock nine were nine African American teenagers. Who where picked out of seventy-five others to go to the all white school .The name of the school was central high school. The things that were significant about the little rock nine where that. One they never gave up to getting a good education. Two they were brave to face that mob of people.

What was also very important about these nine where that. One they were very smart back then for some kids. Two they were very articulate with words. They were also were very lucky to get in that school. I also thing that it was horrible on how so many people called them Negro and nigger. And how they treated them like animals.

sydney bodden 6c said...

“The little rock nine” was nine students. They got into central. Central was an all white school and they got into that school. Their name was Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria ray, Thelma mothershed, Melba patillo, Carlotta walls, earnest green and minniejean brown and terrance roberts. They are important because they were the 1st nine black students to get into an all white school.

They are also important because even thought there was a crowed they didn’t pay any attention to them. Then when an amount of five students registered and the little rock nine got into. Also Elizabeth faced the angry mob alone everyday she went to school. I think that she has a lot of faith and bravery in her body. Then at the end of the school year Earnest Green was the first black student to graduate from central school.

Hasan said...

The little rock nine where nine black kids who was able to fight for the right to go to a all white school so they fought against the board of education for the right to go to an all white school. when the law passed
there were 12 students who tried to go to an all white school. but only nine were enrolled. also there was some schools who did not want to obey the law. also they were so mad they tried to kill one of the students who ran against the board of education by blowing up their house. but at the end of the year one of the black students graduated from the school with a great education. But they downed him because he was a n**ger that made it.

Catherine Ashley,academy 2 said...

The little rock nine were nine students who went to the first integrated school in Arkansas. There names were, Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria ray, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Patillo, Terrance Roberts, Carlotta walls, Ernest green, and Minnie jean brown They went to central high school. They are important because they:
. Were the first blacks in Arkansas – no other school in Arkansas had been integrated
. They got through the school year –They made it through even though the teachers ignored them.
. They ignored the rude crowds – The crowd outside of the school said rude, nasty things to them. They also tripped them.

Carlos A2 said...

In the book on pg. 27 some school remain segregated. They side that a kid named Ernest Green was the first kid to graduate from Central High school. A girl was walking to school because she was a Colored. They side KEEP OUR WHITE SCHOOL WHITE! They want to keep their white school white.
This story is true and ever thing that happing was true. This is the thing that MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR did. They did the same thing. I was amassed about what happing. This is in a book and this book is nonfiction. They hade solder to help them. That is what the story is about.

Ashley Rosario said...

The little rock nine were a group of nine African American kids who fought for the right to enter an all white school. That schools name was central high school in little rock Arkansas. The nine African American teenagers names were Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria Ray, Thelma Mothershed Melba Patillo, Terrance Roberts, Carlotta Walls, Ernest Green,
And Minniejean Brown. These nine teenagers have been through descrimination they have had things thrown at them and white people yelling at them and also cussing at them just because they were African American. They have been told that they don’t want mixed with their children they have also been threaten they even through a bomb at Carlotta Walls home. They also called some of them at the middle of the night threatening them. They have also been told things that weren’t even true about them that was what all those nine teenagers have been through just to get a good education.

amauris said...

The little rock nine was a group of black kids who where chosen to attend a white school, Central High School. But the mean part of it is each day they had to face an angry mob of white adults who were shouting at the little rock nine. Soon the president of the United States of America, Dwight Eisenhower, ordered federal troops to Arkansas to protect the little rock nine. Each of them were assign a soldier. But even though the little rock nine had their own soldier there as a bodyguards the kids were often tripped and was called names as they walked through the halls. When one of the little rock nine was chosen to sing in the glee club (Minniejean Brown) a group of white parents forced school official to keep him out of the club. Some of the white kids in the school were a little different then the adults, instead of hating the little rock nine they were friendly to them. They would invite them to sit and eat lunch with them. At the end of the school year Ernest Green became the first black student to graduate from Central High School. In the same year Governor Faubus closed the school to prevent any more attempts to integrate the school.

keyandra a2 said...

Keyandra Roberson February 3, 2009

The little rocks nine were the nine students that were brave enough to attend an all white school. Their names are Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria Ray, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Patillo, Tarrance Roberts, Carolotta Walls, Ernest Green, and Minniejean Brown. What was significant about the little rock nine was that they went to whites school and didn’t give up. They didn’t give up because they wanted to make a change in the world. Another significant thing about the Little rock nine is that when the whites called them names while they were walking the halls they were brave and ignored them. Also I found two important thins that inspired me. One was that Elizabeth tried to walk through the main entrance and they wouldn’t let her by and the, whites called her the n-word she didn’t turn back and make any fuss with them she just kept walking. Another thing I found was that the little rock nine didn’t give up.

nikeitha6b said...

Little Rock Nine
Who was the little rock nine? What was significant (important) about them? Your response should be 2 paragraphs.

The little rock nine was Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria ray, Thelma mothershed, melba patillo, terrance Roberts, Carlotta walls, ernest green and minniean brown. Those nine students were the little rock nine. These students were the little rock nine because these were the nine kids that wanted to go to central a school for whites. Even though one the fist day of Scholl hundreds of white people were standing out side screaming and yelling saying we don’t want these black people in this school and thy had big poster every were saying keep our white schools white

These kids were important because they stayed in central also because they tried there hardest to get in when there was a big crowd not letting them in the school. Also on the first day of school they all the parents and students meet to show they were all there for each other. Also when Elizabeth Eckford was trying to get in school there was an angry crown following her and some people would spit on her and call he the N-WORD just because she had a darker color skin. Then it paid off because

jennifer a2 said...

The “little rock nine” were nine black student that when to a college that was only for white people. The people call them “Little rock nine” because there were nine of them. They were the first white people that went to a white college before. The white people who went to that school got really mad because they didn’t want black people at their schools. They only were mad because of their skin color and that’s why they use to call them “Nigger”, and words that make them feel really bad but they didn’t really pay any attention to them because they only want them to stop going to that school that was only for white people. I think that they were very smart girls because they didn’t pay attention to the people that only wanted them to feel bad.
“At the end of the year Ernest green became the first black student to graduate from central High School.” The white people still used to tell them things that they didn’t like at the end of the day when they were going out of the school. All of them have to face the angry mobs waiting for them out of the school every day that they used to get out of school. This was really hard for them to make it to graduate from that white school because all the white people wanted them to live and trite them differently.

michael a2 said...

The little rock nine is 9 black kids that were forced to go to a white people school but the important thing was they never gave up they always went to school and never cared about what people had to say about them so they kept on going and never gave up and ended up with a good education.

havannah moals said...

Little rocks nine as a group of students that took a great risk of attending central high. Central high was an all white school before the little rock nine integrated the school. It was one of the main and important movements in there time. Everyday the whites would throw things trip them in the hall way and just be so mean to them. The 2nd day of school there were more people there to tell the little rock to go home, but soon after the people out side realized that they had already entered the building the crow became furious. Overall little rock was some of the brave’s young people that were a witness to freedom.

karl a2 said...

the little rock9 was 9 black kids who got in into a all white school. there really intellegant. 75 aplied for the school and there are the only 9 who got in.

when white parent heard about it they form a white mob. and threaten to kill the little rock 9. but the president assightned 1 soilder to each little rock nine for protection.

fatah a2 said...

The little rock nine were nine African American students that got accepted to central high school, which is located in Arizona, Little Rock. The nine students were Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Minnijean Brown, Jefferson Thomas, Carlotta Walls, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Pattillo, Terrance Roberts, and Gloria Ray. So these were the lucky children that got into a all white school.
In May 27 1958 Ernest Green was the first African American to graduate central high. While he went up to get his diploma nobody in the whole school clapped for him but he was still happy. Many white people tried to prevent the little rock nine from entering the schools. They made riots and mobs in front of the school. On the first day Elizabeth Eckford ran into a mob. It was said that they swore at her and also spit on her. But when this white lady got her out of the mob and put her safely on the bus I was surprised. I would’ve never thought somebody would do that especially a white woman. But one day while they were at lunch Gloria Ray was mad at this white kid so she spilled her chili on him. After that day she got kicked out of the school. But the governor Faubus closed all high schools in little rock. So that is who the little rock nine were.

de_andre 6D said...

little rock, Arkansas they decided to follow the law and desegregate the local high school. The would do this by letting in a group of nine black students. They were later known as the little rock nine they were: Ernest green, Elizabeth Eckford, Minnie jean brown, Jefferson Thomas, Carlotta walls, Thelma mothershed, melba patella, Terence Roberts and Gloria ray. Some significant things about them were they were the first to attend little rock high. Also Ernest green was the first to graduate little rock high of the nine students. The first day they were prevented entry by an angry mob and the National Guard hired by governor phaubus. The second day of school they plotted to enter through the side doors. When they gained entry to the school the angry crowd found out and tried to enter so for there safety they were sent home. Their time at little rock nine was difficult but they made it through ok and paved the roads for others.

Anonymous said...

in the book little rock nine there were nine black kids that were going to a school with all white people that would call them names and try to hit them because of there skin color and they were they were the first black people to go to that school.

kellie a2 said...

Little rock nine
Little rock, Arkansas they decided to follow the law and desegregate the locale high school. The would do this by letting in a group of nine black students they were later known as the little rock nine they were: Ernest green Elizabeth eckford, Minnie jean brown, Jefferson Thomas, Carlotta walls, Thelma mother shed.

Ernest green was the first to graduate little rock high of the nine students. The first day they were prevents entry by an angry mob and the nationnal guard hired by governor Phoebus.

vincent said...

You want to know who the little rock nine is they were a group of black students. They were chosen by the school system to go to a white school. The students were striate a and b student. They were the first step to integrating of the school system. They were the being of a new error of school and anything els in the south.
What was so significant about the little rock nine is that they were a few of the many students to go to a white school before integration. They were selected because the school system thought they had the potential. They had the grade and self-control of a white person. They didn’t let white people get to them cause they knew what they were trying to do.

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