Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Intro to Writing

Practice writing descriptive language. You can write a paragraph to describe the Baskervilles case OR you can try to write an original piece of writing on your own.


steven m. ordonez said...

Steven M. Ordonez

I think it was a little frightening but brilliant story! I was surprised to see such a perfect story. I think I might have read that book before in the 4th grade. Mostly, I don’t remember all the books I read except, that big book. That Story was magnificent, I learned a lot about reading difficult books.

I Really Want to read harry potter books because, I read my first harry potter book when I was 7 years old. It took me 2 weeks to read the whole story. I am very interested in long books like harry potter and more. I started reading when I was 3. I was in preschool when I started reading.

Deanna U. Fernandes said...

The case of Bakervilles

When I watched this video I was amazed because of all the descriptive words they used in the story. They used all kind of words like:creature, luminous, ghastly and spectral. When I was listening to the story I was terrified, I could feel the person’s fear in my body flowing through my blood.
The woman said some words from the story that I didn’t understand like: clink. I want to learn lot’s of descriptive words. So I can become a better writer and achieve more in school and move on with my life.

nakia said...

The Baskervilles castle was very big. It had a lot of rooms. You can hear someone slapping their feet up and down the stairs. And hearing the wind blowing and it sounds like a spirit through out the halls of the castle. Some old rooms are very messy and discussing with cob webs and spiders clawing all over the floors. The room smelling as dirt or smelly socks. The basement is smelly nasty and discussing with a dim light so dim you have to use a flashlight to look around.

Crystal Dias said...

Crystal Diaz 9/16/09

I think the Greek got their appeal from the violence and excitements in the short clip. I think we can make the Greek even more appealing if we put more exciting descriptions and more surprising mood. We can also use something like grey death ray hair and sharp bloody teeth. I think can improve the story a lot so we give the Greek something they would want to watch.

You need to show the reader what the story means and also show to descriptive words. They really drawed me into the video when they said “ there aunt sister soul his soul to the devil ”

Amanda Francis said...

Amanda Francis

The Case of the Baskerville

The Baskervilles case was dreadful; Mr. Stapleton is actually a Baskerville! The painting clearly showed a resemblance to Mr. Stapleton, which made him the main suspect in the Baskervilles case. It was foggy and horrifying on Moore hill. On Moore hill people claimed to have saw a hound that is dangerous, huge, luminous, and scary. This hound was a ghost that everyone was just seeing after an ancestor of the Baskerville sold his soul.The Baskerville story was brilliant.

ricardo yapor said...

The baskervilles case because it is intense .Because it involves a dog that was dangerous cause the dog could kill you so that scary for me . another reason this story is intense is because that dog could have be a legend or myth. The person trying to find clues .That story was really in

jason said...

Practice writing descriptive language. You can write a paragraph to describe the Baskervilles case OR you can try to write an original piece of writing on your own.

The Baskervilles discover that there was a foot print on the muddy floor. Henry was
The only living area on the askivill state. Henry wrote a letter that said to stay away
From the moor. There was an scary animal on the moors.

yimari said...

They all agreed that it was a huge
creature, luminous ghastly, and spectral. A beg creature Monday Count Baskerville. They see the picture.

Eda Valdez said...

Eda Valdez

I think that the murder isn’t real and the people are scared about the killer. And the people were coming closer. Dr. Holmes aid you might want to be inside or outside to be safe. Dr. Holmes gave Stapleton a drink. The curse of the house is to keep away from the house because of the killer. They saw foot prints and step near the sea that they thought were the killers.Holmes thinks Stapleton is the killer and the killer sound like a dog because the sotory had an image of a tail. The mood is scary and it was smart and mysterious because there were haunted house and dog ghost.

luc said...

Luc Joseph

In the story that I just saw I was amazed that shore lock homes was in it and I cant belive that there was a demon on the lose and it tried to get the man and it was coming for the man that the demon was trying to kill him next. The man saw his family member in the pitcher and he tried to kill the family. The other thing is that the Sherlock homes was on the case and that’s I have to say about the story. What I have to say that is the story was grate.

aidelys said...

Descriptive language is like a mystery.
The author of the Baskervilles used a lot of descriptive language. He used it by not exactly telling you what the story was about but it he was giving you hints to try to find out the idea of the story. Descriptive language describes the 5 senses.

Monique said...

The Baskerville case was that they killed Sir Charles Baskerville. The moors were attacking the Baskerville family. Also the moors were cursing them. The hound was a dog but it wasn’t like a Chihuahua it was like a pit-bull. It was dangerous.

Willie Hobson said...

Willie Hobson


The Bakervilles were calmly walking out the door of their house to the old, creepy, mysterious forest. They were planning anxiously for this party. When the eager Bakervilles were walking along the trail of this mysterious forest to the party Mr. Bakerville starts to hear a silent whisper slowly calling out his name. Once baby Bakerville and Mrs. Bakerville realize that there is a ghostly whisper upon them they start to run. While the frightened Mr. Bakerville starts to follow Mrs. Bakerville to safety he is aggressively caught by his arm. Being the smart one baby Bakerville grabs a tree branch to show his mother a small lamp hanging from the tree. Once his mother realizes the lamp she grabs the old raggedy green lamp and shines some light on Mr. Bakerville then Mr. bakerville who was nearly passed out looked back he had saw his handsome brother Willie who tried had tried desperately tricked his brother to coming just to scare his younger brother.


Monet said...

The Hound of the Baskerville

The Baskerville Hound a, murderous creature that has haunted the Baskerville family for centuries the beast lives in the darkest depths of the hills called the Moors the curse, started back when an ancestor of the Baskervilles sold his soul to the devil, the hound is a big masculine bog that’s eyes glow as red as blood.

Wilmary said...

The Baskervilles case was a creepy and scary. The Hound is a dog is a dangerous gouts and hound. Disgusting and the dog hound is the devil in the centuries the baskrille family far

Sasha said...


A man from the Baskervilles family named sir charles has been killed by a demon hound. There have been statements of this hound. They say hound is black and lives in a grassy place called the moors.this hound placed a cures on the family because one of the ancestors sold his soul to the devil. Before that day many people said they have sawn a mysterious also huge, unpleasant, ghostly creature roaming the moor. There is one last living air in the family that is still alive. A detective named Mr. Watson believes that an evil spirit is controlling the hound. One night sir Henry had receive a threaten letter telling him to leave the moors.
Mr. Watson spent the night in the moors the all of a sudden he heard the ghastly creature his pricing sound was a cranking boot on a stone. It was far at first then it sounded closer and closer, and closer. He sat at the nearest corner he also clicked his pistol so he was ready for anything that will happen. IT was another detective. His name was homes. Homes showed Mr. Watson a picture in the Baskervilles castle it looked like Mr. staples. He is a family member of the Baskervilles. He was the one who killed every one so he could be an air.

Nashaly Seguinot said...

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your experience here so far? How do you think learning with laptops change the way you learn?

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I think learning with laptops is so much easier because we are learning different websites to use on the internet. Also because we learn to things at the same time because you learn how to use the laptop and how to do what your going to do you also learn what you was going to learn to begin with. I love the fact of having laptops because is so much of having laptops its an opportunity of learning while having fun.