Friday, February 5, 2010

Living during Ancient Egyptian Times

In a 3 paragraph response, choose a job from the Egyptian social pyramid that you think you would have like do. What appeals you about this job? Give a detailed explanation of why you would choose this job over the others.


keiarri said...

Artisans are smart, because they know how to draw, sculpt , and they know how to make there town look good. Knowing how to draw and sketch is a talent that can help you .sculpting is good because you can make objects and statue’s .to make my town look nice I would be Artisan. If there was no artisan our town will be plane it will just be stores and houses and buildings.
Knowing how to draw and sculpt is important. You can do a lot of thing. Half of town is famous because of artisans and more .we wouldn’t have stores or houses at all . maybe those Egyptians were smart . maybe they had plans to do this. Its not you were born and they told your mom that you had to be artisan.
This is why I would want to be an artisan. Because if there was no such things as artistes we would be a lame town looking at the same old things everyday. That’s why from this day I would be an artisan . to help my town look beautiful and make look this town have talented people.

Malachi Hernandez said...

Malachi Hernandez

I would love to become a priest because I think that they were the powerful then everyone below them on the social pyramid, and they were the ones that did embalm. They worked for the government officials. Most of the priests were always clean. And they would do embalm inside the pyramid because they believed in a life after death.

Once someone has died they would to embalm. Embalm is when they would take out all their organs from the body and put their body’s into a large stone coffin called sarcophagus. Many people these days thought that they would wrap their body’s I toilet paper. Wrong! Its linen. They would use hundreds of yards of linen, and then decorate the body or mummy with jewelry and protective charms. Then they spread a black gooey gum over the body and wrapped the body again.

That is why I would love to become a priest because I think that they were the powerful ones and they were the ones that did the embalm which was inside the pyramid. If it weren’t for the priests then the dead bodies would’ve never been inside a sarcophagus. It would’ve probably been underground in the desert.

sominishia wright said...

Peasants are really smart because they could build; farm, and they knew how to work hard. With out peasants there wouldn’t be food to dine on. If there weren’t peasants there would be no temples. Peasants had to work hard and never got a break. Peasants are the most voluble group of people in the whole entire social primed.

I think I would rather be a peasant because they are very hard working. The peasants are the most voluble person I the social pyramid. With out them there wouldn’t be any food to dine on. Peasants are the smartest people survival wise. The peasants are the most indendepented. People in the social pyramids.

Peasants are the best builders in the social structure. The peasants are the only people that knew how to farm in the social structure. The peasants are also the hardest working people on the social pyramid. If there where know peasents there would be no one to farm for food. Nor would there be any one to build the temples and pyramids

Jailene Garcia said...

Artisans are very unique becaue they make beautiful, they make their work by stone carvers, and also the artwork they made would stay there for years so that people could see what was left behind and study about them. Most artisans were mans but some were women too. The artisans were in the middle class of Egyptian society. I want to be an artisan because artisans make wondful painting they add very amazing colors to the artwork they make.

But I wouldn’t like to be an artsans because they relay got the same respect they deserved and only the select few who became master’s craftsman were sometimes honored for their work. I didn’t like that because I think hat very one put hard work to get the painting done in time and it would look beautiful and I think they very one should make the honor because maybe the people that got honored didn’t get the most work done and the people that didn’t got the honored got the most work done.

I think that the artisans are very unique because they make painting that people hadn’t see before and you could tell that people did put work into the painting and the work they did.I think that if you make painting out of stone carvers I think it would be a grate idea because people could see who lived there before and maybe the people that were wanted to make an message to the people that are going to discover who lived there.

Brenda said...

In ancient Egypt my job would have been an Artisan because I love drawing, painting and pottering. I love to draw because I can express myself freely. Painting to me is just letting out what I like to draw in colorful colors. Pottering shows your imagination in a skill to make bowls, vases, and cups (ect.). Being Artisan will help flow out my creativity.

Drawing is a skill anyone has from drawing stick figures or drawing animations. Painting shows if you like what you see in your imagination from sunshine (happiness) to cemetery (sorrow or gothic). Pottering is you making things that make you happy and want to give to others. I enjoy doing anything in the arts section. Art is what I want to do because it relaxes me and makes me feel proud of what I draw.

I picked this job out of the others because it’s just me. Art is my passion. It is my inspiration because it makes me feel like it’s totally me in its reflection. I love art it is what I enjoy. This job is perfect for me and that’s why I chose it.

Soyini W. said...

If I lived in Ancient Egyptian Times, I would like to be an Artisans. The reason I would like to be an Artisan is because I’m really created and love make new creations with different objects. Artisans are amazing Egyptians because they make perfume, beautiful painters, and nice weavers. They made different scents of perfume with nice fragrance, their paintings of their peers were great and the weaving the women did was for clothes. They made amazing creations.
Wow! They made that. The artisans made great fragrances for men and women. They also got paid for their beautiful art work. The reason I think they perfume is because they didn’t shower or take a bath every day, like we do now. The reason the women weaved is so that they could have nice clothes to wear outside. They were really smart about what they did and how they did it. So that the next time it would be better.
That is why I want to be an Artisan. So I can make art to people in Egypt. Also, so people could see how talented I was. They were smart people, they had to know how to paint and draw pictures for their peers. I hope I could become an Artisan one day.

weslin said...

In Egypt they had a lot of jobs back then, especially the peasants, the artisans, the scribes, the priest, and the government officials. The pharaohs would depend on these people to do what was needed to do. All of these jobs are important, but there is one I would really like to do. I would be an ARTISAN.

I would pick the artisans because I love to make things that I like. The things I would definitely make are cologne for men, ear- rings for both female and male, and I would make fancy head gear. Also if a pharaoh asks me to do something for him I will make sure it’s the best I can do. I really don’t care about how much I get paid I would worry about how much fun I would have. Its true.

Being a artisan is really awesome you can make all sorts of things you like. Examples are ear-rings, perfume, cologne, hats, clothing, sculptures, and more. Even you get paid less than you want you would still have fun working as an artisan. Are you interested?

Tabrina St.Cyere said...

If I lived in Ancient Egyptian times I would be an artisan because they have the easiest sounding life. They are not at the bottom or top of the social food chain, They create the designs that make Egypt famous today, they take and give directions from and to people and they get to be creative while working.
Being to second to last on the food chain is great because then they don’t have to much responsibility like a government official or a scribe that have to memorize seven-hundred symbols. They also are fairly treated because they are not at the bottom of the social structure.
The artisans get to leave their legacy on the world by designing the way that the buildings in Egypt are made .The main reason why I really want to be an artisan is that they get to make their work their own. They may get orders to build something but they decide what. Their job includes some sort of independence giving them a chance to be creative.

Lucinda Vieira said...

Egyptian Artisans
I would like to be an Egyptian Artisan. The reason I would is because I most likely like t be in charge of making the Egyptian art. Things such as jewelry. The other things that most Artisans do are, leatherworkers, metalworkers, painters, potters, sculptors, carpenters, and weavers. Out of all these fantastic jobs I would chose painters.
I say painters because I love to paint. I could paint a portrait of the government officials. (As a group). If I could chose two I would chose the one that can make perfume. I have a lot of brilliant ideas to show weather it’s painting or making a perfume.
The reason I think I would be good at either job is that I know what kind of things some people like. The things they would like to remember. The things they would look back into and say, “that was the day I became a government official”. If they wanted me to make a portrait of that day I would because they gave a command and I was to follow it. I would do any thing to serve my people. Be helpful and some day they will help you.

Jason Daniel A2 said...

Government Officials

Being a government official would be of the jobs is making sure the goods of the civilization is intact because the economy was based on their goods not the money. Another thing is to make sure that the pharaoh was happy and that he is living in luxury.

on the thought of the goods. the goods were transported in ships and boats. sometimes they are made and brought by peasants in bags.

On the thought of the luxury. the king or pharaoh was always to be happy. the peasants would be organized to perform dance rituals when the pharaoh was down. if he was still down he would host an event to lift his spirits and to see some of his old friends.

Nashaly Seguinot said...

Back in ancient Egypt there were jobs, for me I would have loved to be an artisans because, they made jewelry, they made sculptures and, they made leather. I thought if I made jewelry I could make my own beautiful jewelry. They made sculptures of people, plants and, more. They made leather and I always wanted to learn how to make leather. It sounds so exiting to be an artisan.
Artisans made many things one of witch was jewelry. Now I am trying to find ways of how I can make and sell jewelry. Jewelry is a beautiful way of inspiring art. Another type of art they made was sculptures. I think it will be fun to make sculptures because you can make sculptures of people or even animals. Lastly one of thing they make is leather. With leather I can make many different thing like jackets, seats, and shoes. It will be fun to do things like this.
Jobs in Egypt were important as an artisan because, they made jewelry to wear, they made sculptures to decorate, and they made leather to wear and use. As I said I think it will be fun to make jewelry, sculptures, and leather. To become an artisan will be hard work. I still will like to become an artisan.

Jamilah Sealy said...

I would like to be an artisan. Artisans have many jobs. I would do jewelry, and make perfume. I think that the carving will be hard because it’s on rocks but its really granite. The jewelry was made most elegant and stunning. If I were painting a scene outside it would look wrong and upside down.

Jewelry makes everyone look elegant and pleasant. Usually the pharaohs will ask the artisans to make something or call it a royal project. That makes me feel very special that a pharaoh would ask me to make something for them. Perfume I just love! If I made perfume for the pharaohs and the priest I would be glad because I did a good deed for someone that does care. But some artisans relay on caring and respect.

I picked this because I love jewelry and perfume. Jewelry is really expensive now but in Egypt its free for anyone at least I make it. Perfume would be good to make because they didn’t take any shower or baths at all. An artisans can be free and express their art with people.

Nakia said...

February4, 2010

If I had to choose a job in the Egyptian times I would like to be an artisan. I would like to be an artisan for two reasons. The first reason is because, I love to do art. I love to work with all kinds of art materials. And the second reason is because, I want to make beautiful jewels and have people wear my beautiful art work to fell proud of my self.

First off I would like to work as an artisan because, I love to do art. I also like to do things that are hands on. Like if I had to make a pot I would love to put my hand all over the clay and get dirty. Also when I do art I just feel like I could do some very good artwork. I feel like I could express my feeling in art instead of taking it out on people. Then I regret what I say or even worst get in trouble by the king. Then when I get done with something amazing I feel like I can do it again. That my first reason why I want to be an artisan.

Second reason why I want to be an artisan because, I have fun doing my job. I don’t want to work for some other job and not have some fun. But in art you could express your self and have some fun at the same time like making some dresses or weave some pretty color baskets. Like you could do a lot of things in art. Then you could trade them or you could sell them. Maybe sometime thing might call me to come and make a special dress or special jeweler for a lady or a ring to get married.

sequoia grubbs said...

The I would like to have is being a government official because of the three things that they would have , money, making some decisions, and assisting the pharaoh. I would want this job because I think the opportunities they have are nice. There would be a lot of things that I could do and I would live life easy not having to struggle. So this is why I am going to explain in this three paragraph essay about why I want this job.

The first reason why I want this job Is because of I would be assisting the pharaoh and making some decisions with him. Also because maybe some of my decision that I want to be implanted into Egypt’s society would help to be a better place. I would also want this job because it would nice to be counted on and having to do things for the pharaoh. I think this would be a good opportunity into which be successful since I am assisting and working with the pharaoh. that’s the first reason why I would like to be a government official.

The last reason why I would like to be a government official is because I would have money. I would like to have money because being a government official is a high standard and would have lots of money. I think this would be good because in the Egypt time from what I can see things was expensive and being a government official you would get money. And I would also be able to afford things and not have to struggle in life. This I why I would like to be a government official.

Kevin Cambra said...

Ancient Egyptian has many jobs, but I would like to have the government officials because I would be the under the pharaohs. I would be rich. I would also control things
With the government. It would be a lot of work but I would be treated better then the farmers. This is why I would want to be government officials.
The government official is the best job to have. I would it because I can vizier; the vizier had more power than anyone except the pharaoh. The government officials belong to the highest class of Egypt’s. The government official’s family. I would give other orders.
These are the reasons why I would want to have this job. Who wouldn’t want this job? You can boss people around. Be rich and do what you want. No one can tell you what to do except the pharaoh. Now you see why I would like this job.

Gabrielle said...

If I could have a job in Egyptian times I would be a government official, because I think there is a lot of promise in that job. When you are a government official you get to work one on one with the pharaoh and get special treatment. Government officials get to go to all of the top parties that the pharaoh also attends. Even though it is a lot of hard work being a government official.
There are 3 different kinds of government officials. The first one is the vizier, who advised the pharaoh and carried out commands of the pharaoh. The second one was chief treasurer, who looked after the government’s wealth and collected taxes. The third government official was the general of the armies, who was the top military commander in Egypt and advised the pharaoh in matters of war and national security.
I would like to be the royal vizier, because I would like to give the pharaoh advise and tell him what to do. I like to give people advice and see it being put into action. Even if the pharaoh didn’t like my idea at least he took it into consideration, because he would never listen to a peasant… so knowing that he even thought about my advise.