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In a 3-paragraph response, discuss how Paulsen's use of descriptive language helps to evoke emotion from his audience.


keiarri dyette said...

In a 3 paragraph response , I will have to discuss how GARY PAUSLEN uses descriptive language helps evoke emotion from his audience.
To me GARY PAUSLEN uses descriptive language very good because if there was no descriptive language in this book we wouldn’t enjoy the book at all because with out excitement you wouldn’t hear people statements.
Another way is, I think GARY PAUSLEN uses a certain descriptive language is because he tries to get the audience to be in excitement . He tries to get people to read more of his books .Example he says in chapter 4 or 5 that it was good to have a dog to lick my knee , clean my bruise .
Every response was ill , nasty, or even cool.
But he main point is to get the audience to feel as if they were him in the book, or he’s trying to make people connections in the past that remind them ,like in class JEAN and I and WILLIE made some connections to the descriptive sentence it made me feel as I was him in the book .its like he triggers my mind to go back to the past to make us remember any thing. This is how I think he evokes the audience
In the 3 paragraph I discussed how he evokes me and the audience .by using descriptive language.

weslin said...

Gary Paulsen uses very descriptive language inside his writing. Sometimes he makes the audience fell sad, mad, or even confused. I am going to tell you how Gary Paulsen uses descriptive language to make the audience feel an emotion.

In Gary’s writing sometimes he makes you feel scared. For example in the book it said “ a fox drawn by the meat smell from the kennel but pulled into the yard by the chicks; the fox grabbing a chick and getting hit so hard by the hawk coming from the top of the woodpile that I could see spit fly as the chick was blown out of his mouth”. This line made me feel scared. Why? Because if I was walking through a yard and a bird attacking that’s scary.

Gary Paulsen will continue using descriptive language inside his writing. I am done telling you how I think Gary uses descriptive writing.

Jailene Garcia said...

In this paragraph im going to write about now Gary Paulsen language helps to evoke emotions from his writing. In paragraph 5 when I was reading I found a secants that reminds when in the winter when im in the kitchen because in on line of the book he wrote There is probably nothing that makes me feel quite as worm as coming in on a cold winter morning, leaning over the kitchen stove to warm my hands and smelling rich pine wood smoke and fresh bread baking in the oven. This line reminds me of a very cold winter when is really cols out and when you get in the house and when you go to the kitchen and sit over the stove eating read.

Gary brake a evoke emotion because when I hear that the line that said there is nothing more than coming home in a winter morning and going over the stove and smelling the bread. That senctens made me feel continual because I would like to go in my house in a cold winter morning like this one and smelling the warn bread in the morning. These lines made me also feel of the winter they have over there and the winter we have over here because it made me feel like when is cold we could both like to do the same thing in the morning.

This line also made me feel like I had a connectsion with Gary and his cats because he said that the cats also like the wood stove in the winter and they send most of there time in the stove and sometimes when the heater is mot working I like to go in the kitchen and trun on the stove and I would sit next to it unitl I get worm up. This is why I choose line of the paragraph and why I like it.

Brenda said...

This is about chapter 5 in Woodsong by Gary Paulsen. This shows my emotion towards the chapter. What he does is he evokes me and other readers with emotions. The sentence I chose was when his wife told him something and he didn’t listen. Let me explain more in paragraph 2.

Here is the sentence I chose it is when his wife said “you unleashed a summer of terror on us”. Gary found some grouse eggs and put them under a hawk. They grew and added trouble in Gary’s back yard. It was a “war zone” because whenever anyone got near her chicks hawk attacked. I found it to be karma because he was the one who brung the grouse eggs home.
Anyway I still say it was karma because he should have listened to his wife. Now you know that he endangered his family and animals. Gary cares about the woods but needs to learn more about nature. I think that what this story is really about. I can’t wait to answer more about this book.

Anonymous said...

Malachi Hernandez
Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen the author of the Woodsong book. Most of his sentences have descriptive language in it. He also makes the audience have different emotions. Such as annoyed, excited, embarrassed, funny, etc. One sentence in the story that I thought was funny was when he had said “They were soon flying all over the yard-whipping from tree to tree or up to the roof.” I thought that was funny because when we was discussing it with the whole class Ms. Coleman had used Mr. Cross as an example and she had said “that he was the tall man scared of the hawk and the chickens.

The next sentence that I would feel embarrassed to be when he had said, “The young grouse flew away from her, and her anger made her fluff up and stomp around.” I would definetly feel embarrassed about that because if you are a regular person walking on the street and the owner is trying to teach the grouse something and it comes straight at you. You might get mad at that owner. Especially if it does some very bad damage.

Gary Paulsen also brings back some delightful memories. I know that I have a connection with his book. It was about two years ago when my aunt was cleaning out her birdcage and she was letting the birds fly everywhere. I got so scared. Once she had seen my fear she called the birds and put them back in the cage. I told her “How can you do that?” She had said “Its easy just close the windows and make sure they don’t peck anyone.” Thank gosh it wasn’t a hawk though. Because if it was I would probably be somewhere else.

willie Hobson said...

I think that Gary Paulsen’s use of descriptive language shows a lot of evoke emotion to the audience. To me I think that a lot of the readers can have a lot of self to text connections. I think the readers can have a lot of self to text connections because his story shows real life events.

I think his descriptive language shows me a mental image of what I am reading which I love. I love descriptive language because it can show me images so it feels like I’ve seen all these events that have happened. When Gary Paulsen writes descriptive language I feel all types of emotions like annoying, humorous, and sad.

I think Gary Paulsen should continue writing descriptive language in his story. So I think His Descriptive language all together

Jamilah Sealy said...

Gary Paulsen’s descriptive language makes me have many emotions. One sentence made me laugh. The sentence was “ Hawk launched herself like a speckled red missile”! That sentence made me laugh because I never heard of a chicken that can launch herself into the air to attack a tomcat. But that sentence made me confused at first but when I read it over it made me laugh. That tomcat didn’t do anything to the chicken, but walk.

A connection I have to the cat is when my dog was just like the chicken. When I pet my cat my dog comes out of nowhere and tries to bite me. I think that my dog is jealous that I was petting my cat than him. The chicken was a bit protective for her chicks. I also think that my dog is protecting my cat by biting me. The chicken goes ahead to scare the cat by launching in the air.

Another sentence that made me scared! This sentence is “Hawk catches my wife in the back of her head”! It made me scared because I wouldn’t want to visit Gary Paulsen’s house ever in my life. I wouldn’t want to because I don’t want to be attacked by a chicken out of nowhere.

Gabrielle said...

Gary Paulsen does use a lot of descriptive language when he writes. He uses 3 things that make his writing very exceptional. The first thing he does is he uses a lot of emotion in his writing; the second thing is that he uses a lot of detail when e writes, and the third thing is that he really tries to draw you in with his work.
When Gary writes he uses a lot of emotion and feelings. Ex: When Gary writes he tells about how he’s feeling while he’s telling the story. He knows how to make you feel like how he’s feeling and makes you feel that way too. He also uses a lot of details when he writes. Ex: When Gary found the grouse eggs he told about how they looked and how they felt. Gary really tries to draw you in when he writes, instead of just trying to tell you a story. He really wants you to be in the story and be able to see the things that he sees. Gary wants you to be like one of the characters in the story. Like when the hawk was chasing everyone in the yard Gary was really giving description to make you see what was going n in the yard.
Gary knows how to draw you in, even if you are another author. It is hard to not get caught up into his books. I can’t wait to read another one of his books!

Soyini W. said...

Gary Paulsen use descriptive language to show emotions. Gary is really smart and great writer. He always tells what he is doing in each chapter and why. Gary Paulsen is a really amazing writer. He also likes being makes us laugh. I really like Gary Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen uses descriptive language by using verbs, nouns and adjectives to make people feel how he feels. Instead of other writes they just want you to feel happy but Gary is different. For example when he said “ Hawk nailed him in the back of the head like a feathered cannonball”, he really made me laugh hard. Wood song is a really good book because of the words he uses descriptive language to bring out his emotions. His writing makes you feel special. Gary Paulsen is an amazing writer and this book are so great.

That is why Gary Paulsen is a great descriptive writer. He writes to make students feel great and laugh. I really do like Gary Paulsen. His book Wood song is great. Its like he triggers our mind so you could feel how he is feeling. Gary Paulsen writes with feeling. I really do Gary Paulsens books.

jean done said...

Gary Paulsen

First I am going to write about how Gary Paulsen uses descriptive language to evoke emotions from the audience that is us. I am going to say the line that said that the hawk is furious. I picked that sentence because of the word furious that meant that he was not scared but he expressed the birds intentions of hearting him. I also feel that when he expresses him self he is becoming more sensitive.

I picked that expecific line because he knew how to express the feeling of how he felt in that only moment. He took the word furious and explained and the idea of the tough animal that was a hawk. Also he expressed anger to the moment. That he knew a hint of what was happening and it was kind of funny and karma because his wife told not to give the eggs to the hawk. And the hawk ended biting him. Now you know my main idea of the sentence he used the word furious.

In conclusion I wrote about the anger he expressed when using the word furious. Also into the chapters he expresses more. And becomes more sensitive. Lastly I wrote three paragraphs about the book Gary Paulsen. Now you know the last paragraph of what I wrote

Nashaly Seguinot said...

Gary Paulsen is an author. In his stories he uses descriptive language to evoke his readers. He uses more than words he describes them in sentences . He is an impressive writer. I’m reading a book he wrote, it’s a memoir. In this story he describes what happened in his life when he was younger and he entered his dog in the Iditarod.
Gary is the type of guy who likes to evoke his readers, this is why. At one point Gary says the chicks and grouse were going crazy flying everywhere and the hawk was sitting on the woodpile and he threw spit as the chick was blown out his mouth. I don’t know about you but that discussed me. It discussed me because imagine being in an area where a hawk is throwing spit at you. What if the spit lands on you, anywhere!
Gary is an incredible author who gives many descriptions. Gary made me feel discussed because a hawks spit, (ewww).That is how talented Gary Paulsen is.

Sequoia grubbs said...

Sequoia Grubbs
In this three paragraph I’m going to explain how Gary Paulsen’s use of descriptive language helps evoke emotions from his audience. I am going to tell you one reason how his use of descriptive emotion helped evoke emotion from me. Know lets get started and I hope you like it .
One way Gary Paulsen evoked emotion from me was when he was talking about that nothing makes him fell better then coming in from a winter day, and smelled the smell of wood burning pine and the warm smell of baking bread. This made me fell the same he did and hungry. It made me want to eat. Another thing It made me fell is warm and welcomed. I say welcomed be it made me feel at home.
The last way Gary Paulsen evoked emotion from me is when he talked about how the hawk was beating up everyone when they came in the yard. The emotion I had was feeling scared. I felt scared because the chicken was beating up people and I would not want to be getting beat up and hurt. The other emotion was feeling bad for the people who stepped foot in the yard. This is the other emotion I felt.
This is my essay about how Gary Paulsen evoked emotions from be and this is how I felt. I hope you enjoyed my essay thank you.

sominishia wright said...

Gary Paulsen’s writing has a lot of emotion in it. The emotion he puts in his writing helps me become a character in the story. The emotion also helps me feel the way the characters feel. Reading that type of writing helps me understand the story. Gary Paulsen’s descriptive language helps you feel sad, angry, discusted, happy ect. Gary Paulsen evockes his adience to feel ways they didn’t think they would feel.
A way Gary Paulsen’s descriptive language made me show emotion was when he said the hock was attacking everyone. When I read that part I felt very scared. I felt scared because that hock could have really heat some one. I wonder why gary disobyed his wife. He disobeyed her when he brought the eggs home when she said not to. With
means Gary caused all this madness.
This all prove that gary messed up every thing. He also made the hock mad. He also made the hock hurt every one.

Anonymous said...

Today I’m going to do a three paragraph about how Gary Paulsen uses descriptive language helps to evoke emotion from his audience like you and me.
One way Gary Paulsen uses deceptive language and evoke emotion is when he does evoke emotion when he made me scary
About Hawk like if anyone touch her chicks she will come after you. Even if you walk by him you would have to tiptoe by her. For example
a fox to eat one of the twenty chicks and hawk came in like a missile and hit the fox so hard that you could see spit and the
chick came out.
Another way Gary Paulsen uses descriptive language and evoke emotion when he did some funny stuff like when like he describe the food the food made me hungry and food was chicken stuff
The smell would drive you out. Like in chapter 4 or 5that was good to have lick my knee, clean my bruise.
Daniel Ortega

jovanny said...

Gary Paulsen used descriptive language by using all type of words like obese, to describe his dog Fred and professional bull rider to describe his pet hawk. Those words make us look at what he’s talking about. Some of these words that he uses makes the book feel funny, scary, or maybe make Mr.Croos looks like a chicken. When he passed a nest on the ground he said that the eggs in the nest where so forlorn. That makes us feel sad for the chicks that are going to hatch. Now how are they going to have a mom and a dad? But Gary took home.

Gary Paulsen made us feel sad, happy, scared, and anode. Now people have to have a look out on the hawk so they wont get hit on the head by the bird. The hawk would make me feel so scared if it hit me on the back of the head.

By: jovanny grullon

Lucinda Vieira said...

My response
Gary Paulsen’s descriptive language help’s evoke emotion from his audience by using words that will help you understand the reading much better. And as he uses these languages it takes some of your emotions and lets you have fun with them. You can tell from the way he describes the events in the story that makes you giggle, cry, it can even make you angry. Like the part when the hawk was attacking every one in or that goes into that yard and the way he described it make people feel like they were in the story. He uses the language to explain what is happening in the story you can imagine his wife going out side with the laundry and a hawk just attacks her in the back of the head.
Also his son went to the mail. And since he used descriptive writing I laughed because the mail just flopped all over the place. It was like the hawk was in control. Then the part that got me mad was the part when his wife told him not to give the hawk the eggs. He didn’t listen to her and now there is a consequence. Now the whole family has to suffer because of what he did.
That is what I mean when I say he uses very great and intelligent words and he also gives out some surprising events. You wouldn’t even know what’s next. That way when he does describe the words I some times think that he does that to make the reader interested in what they read so they don’t lose interest in the book. That is how and why writers get so famouse they write things that will make the reader want to keep reading and keep buying there books and never wanting to stop.

Nakia said...

December 17,2009

This responds is on Gary Paulsen evoking his readers. Gary Paulsen is a every good person that can evoke readers easy. He uses all kinds of descriptive language like,’ The hawk was furious and losing control’. In that one sentence he used the words furious, and losing control. How that feels if you were near a crazy hawk. If you like that read on and find out how I feel about that.
The first feeling I got was scare. I would feel scare because, the hawk would look like it’s going to attack me or try to hurt me. Then if it does hurt me I would might have to stitches. This made me feel this way because, he said furious. Once he said that it made me feel like I want to run really fast. So fast that the crazy hawk would be able to get me. It made me realize that the hawk is really crazy. I say this because, he said hawk was also losing control. Then that makes you really scare.
The second feeling I had was it making me laugh. It makes me laugh because, if you just amazgin that was really happing it would look funny. Then it would look kind of weird. It was also weird because, you would never see a hawk doing that. Then you would think why are they doing. Then it makes it even more funny about that. I say this because, you could be thinking weird things like its doing a dance or something.
The last feeling I have is it makes me feel like I would like to help the hawk because it looks like its going crazy. Then if people thinks its crazy that’s bad. It’s bad because, people might take it and maybe put the hawk to sleep. But if they put it to sleep they could kill it for no reason. They would never know it just want it chicks. That’s what my feelings are about the sentence.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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