Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bridge to Terabithia

Write a five paragraph essay responding to the following question. Create a graphic organizer first for your essay, write it in a word document, and post in online. Have you ever been friends with someone who was different from you? In what way were you different from your friend? Did this make it harder for you to form a friendship?


Malachi Hernadez said...

Malachi Hernandez

Yes I have had many friends different than me and they would be a different person when they grow up. Most people are different and most of my friends are different than me, we had our own ways, and were it harder to form the friendship.

The friend that I am going to talk about is my friend Gerie. He is my best friend from elementary school. And my friend and I were different in many ways. When we first met each other we both just said “hi and bye”. We talked and I didn’t know if he was going to be my friend or not. It felt kind of awkward, because I like people that I already know, or know a little, but it is kind of cool because you don’t have to go through the same trouble each year.

The way that we were different was that I was just Puerto Rican, and he was Puerto Rican and Dominican. It is similar because we were both Hispanic. I was extremely nervous though. I had gotten many butterflies. And we had many likes, and dislikes. Ex: He liked baseball when I liked Basketball.

Many people thinks thought that our friendship would be harder. Because we had many dislikes. But everyone was wrong, and we had been friends since the 2nd grade. A few things that we have in common is that he knows most of the people that I know, and I know most of the people that he knows, and we both like to wear Jordan’s. A few things that are uncommon with us are that he likes baseball, and I like basketball. Another thing is that he had repeated a grade before, and I never had to repeat a grade.

Yes I had many friends different than me and they would be a different person when they grow up, how we were different when we first met, what way by race, and harder friendship-commons, uncommon.

Amanda Francis said...

My best friend in elementary school was different from me because she was younger than me, Indian, and she was sometimes loud. My best friend’s name was Kelly; she was my best friend for three years and we had a lot in common. Kelly and I both adored the color purple, and our favorite class was math. Kelly has a great sense of humor and she loves to draw roses. We were the best of friends from 3rd to 5th grade.
One way Kelly was different from me was that she was younger than me, by one year. She was also about three inches shorter than me, but we really didn’t care about it because it wasn’t important. One thing we have on common is, when the other students were loud in class both of us and the rest of our really close friends would stay quiet. Both of us being different from each other didn’t make it harder to be friends since we had way more things in common than things that were different.
Another thing that was different about Kelly was that she was Indian. When Kelly talked I could understand her but, sometimes it would be difficult to understand what she was saying. Kelly talked with an Indian accent, and most of the time she wouldn’t notice. Her English was good but she didn’t know the meaning of some English words, but the good thing was that she was a fast learner. She didn’t care that our culture was different because best friends are friends depending on if you get along well together.
The last thing that was different about Kelly and me is that she can be loud. She wasn’t the type of student that yelled but she was loud meaning she was always happy and smiling. She was only loud in class when the teacher called on her for answers or told her to speak up when she read her work out-loud. Kelly wasn’t a really a shy person, that is one thing we have in common, but when she meets someone for the first time she doesn’t talk to them a lot. She was always a person who you could tell anything to, that made our friendship a whole lot easier.
Kelly was my best friend in elementary school and she was different because she was younger than me by one year, she was Indian and I couldn’t understand her when she talked sometimes, and she was not afraid to be loud when needed but she was still and amazing best friend. Despite all of the things Kelly and I had in contrast, we didn’t let that prevent us from being friends. The reason is because we didn’t think about the little differences when there was so much that was the same. Most importantly being different from Kelly did not affect our friendship.

Monique rodrigues said...

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Dear . Ms Coleman and Ms. Webster

I had a best friend in elementary and she was different from me because she was African and I’m cape verdian. I also had a best friend and we was different because I had curly hair and she had straight hair. She was different from me because she talk Jamaican and I talked creiol . She was different from me because she liked different subjects. And she wasn’t good at what I was good at.

One way me and my friend was different was because she was from a different place then me but that didn’t really matter. She was also different from me because she liked different subjects then me but it didn’t really matter because we were friends for about 3.5 years. One other thing we didn’t have in command was she had straight hair and I had curly hair but that still didn’t make our friendship weak. And she didn’t like things a liked. All that matter was that we were truthful to each others.

I have made friends with someone that was different from me but it didn’t make a difference. I don’t care where your from and what you look like or how you dress I just care about what’s in the inside. I don’t care if you are black or white or Spanish it depends on you personalities. For example if you have a lot of things in command with me than we can be great friends and we can have a good friendship. I don’t really care about the way you talk or anything. Many people don’t become friends with people because they look different or they talk different.

Even though she had a lot of things different from me didn’t make our friendship weak. These differences did not make it difficult for us to have a good friendship. It wasn’t hard because didn’t care about how she looked or how she dressed because I just care about what’ in the inside. I friendship stay powerful until we had to separate from each other to go to new schools. But this was a great friendship even though we had many differences.

In conclusion it doesn’t matter about how some one looks or how they dress or where they come from. It just matters about what really in the inside. It matter about their personalities. I can also give you advice if you don’t know if this person is a true friend just ask your self.. Am I going to be successful hang out with this person? I this person a bad associate ? Is this person truthful? Well for me this is how I knew me if me and Namtaka were going to have a strong friendship.

Jamilah Sealy said...

Friendships are cool especially when it’s a different culture, style of clothes, and have different point of views. A different culture is lke a different nationality, which is Puerto Rican and Jamaican. A style of clothes is a way of expressing yourself to your friend. The point of views with your friend is that you can argue about it and solve your problems.

Having a different culture can help you figure out your friends beliefs. I have a friend that believes in Buddha and that shouldn’t separate us. A nationality can help know each other language, eat, and wear. Another fact is that many people have accents. When some wears a specific piece of clothing everyday that means it represents her/his religion.

When your friend has a style of clothes then they know how to express how they feel. My friend she wears her favorite blue sweater every day. Sometimes some friends wear something that they have to wear. I like when my friends and I share where we bought our clothes or share pants or shirts that we like.

When my friend and I have different opinions we sometimes argue. A lot of people have different point of views with some celebrity favorites. When my friend and I have an arguing session we don’t become friends for a while. When I argue with anyone it never stops, it makes me mad and very angry to talk to anyone.

Friendships have many nationalities, fashion, and some ups & downs(arguing). I have many nationalities in my friendships just like anyone I know. Fashion is from all the stylish clothes and hairdos. I hate when people have ups & downs but I should about myself. Because I am friends with this boy, we like all of the same things except stores and colors. We haven’t become to an agreement yet. All my friends are very different and the same!

Kevin C said...

Most of my friends are like me. But this one kid was fun but he did strange things. His name was eddy. He was different from me ,He was a geek, he was too good, but we also like the the same things to. For an example he like to play play football and did.
He would always get a 95 or a 100. all he would is study and want to learn more. Most of the time he would he did more homework then we need to do. He was the teacher pet. He wanted to be a law maker. It was hard to be his friend sometimes because all he want to do his study and to talk a bout school work.
Eddy was way to good .For an example this one time I found a rolled and he wanted to give it back to the kid. If I use someone pence l for o second he would tell me not to do it. He try to do the right thing all the time. Eddy wouldn't fight or stick up for his self. I felt bad for him but he was like a little girl.
But he did like to play football. He wasn't that good. We both like to play football at school. This was the best thing that we both like. We also both have little brothers and sisters. We love to eat meatball subs for school lunch. These are he only things we both like.

Brenda said...

Friendships are something you build. Together friends can conquer anything. No one can break the bond over two special friends. Many friends have diversity and are not alike. Friends are people you will know and miss through your life.

I had a friend from elementary school named Ashley. She was very shy while I wasn't. We were in the same class. We were always sitting with our other friends in class. We got along so well. We were always together we made a pact with every girl in our class:that pact was to never give up hope and to be friends forever.

Ashely had to switch schools 9 months later. I never gave up hope beacause I knew I would see her again. We had dilikes and likes. We both loved reading and writing. We also didn't like the school lunch.

When we went to the playground we played diffrent games like I played on the slides why she played on the bridge. We never had a fight. We always greeted each other in class. Then one day I saw her again at the train station. I ran to her and we both told each other what our schools were like after she moved.

I missed her ever since 2nd grade. I wonder what she is doing now? Ashely was my friend we may have had diffrences but we are still friends. No one will break our friendship not even distance. I now know that friends will neve cease to exist.

Nashaly Seguinot said...

Do you know what it is like to be friends with someone differe3nt from you? Well, I do. Her name is Laylany. We was different because she didn't ike sorts, she didn't like to have sleepover and, she was quiet and calm. so how was our friendship like?
Yes' I have been friends with someone different from me. At first I thought it will be strange and that we wont get along. Ensted it turn out to be best friends with each other. Sometime you never know what can happen. That's exactly what happened to me. We became best friend.
So like I said Laylany didn't like sports, didn't like to have sleepovers and, was quiet and calm. I however I do like to ply sports, I like to have sleepovers and, I am loud and crazy. So we was very different in sports, hobbies and, personalities.
Most people will think it would be difficult to be friends with someone diferent from you but it wasn't. I was one of those people that thought it will be hard to form a friendship with her but we did become friends. It wasn't hard to beome friend like people will think. Laylany was an amazing and I wonnder where she can be right now.
So being friends with someone different from me wasn't hard. Also having different personalities didn't make anything different. We are like friends that have many things incommon. We were perfect friends in my point of view and I will like to see her again.

ricardo yapor said...

Bridge to Terabithia

Author: Katherine Paterson


By: Ricardo Yapor

February 17, 2010

Friendship in the book is unusual because it is between a boy and a girl. iIt’s show friends have goods times together, happy times together and even sad times.
The friendship shows friends can have good times together such as when Jess and Leslie first ran their race at school. Even though at the beginning Gary Fulcher would not let Leslie run in the race, Jess spoke up for her to have the chance to run. Jess did not expect Leslie to run against him and especially beat him in his race. Jess speaking up for Leslie to run in the race is an example of a good time because friends. Another example is when Jess’s sister wanted him to beat up the girl who stole her Twinkies. But Leslie spoke up for Jess so he would not have to do that. Leslie told Jess’s sister, Jess will be kick out of school for fighting especially fighting a girl. And his little sister understood and no longer wanted Jess to fight. Leslie came up with a better idea to get back at the girl. I think that shows good times between friends even though that was the beginning of their friendship.
The happy times together for Jess and Leslie are when they spent their time at Terabithia. There they were the king and the queen of the place. It did not matter about anything but spending time at their secret place. They were the ones who ruled the kingdom there. It was just the two of them having fun and not being under any pressure from anyone. They enjoyed being together and they like to be in each other’s company. It did not matter who was a boy or who was a girl they were just two friends hanging out at their secret kingdom. It was during their happy time at Terabithia that Leslie came up with writing the love letter from Willard Hughes to Janice Avery who was a bully who stole Jess sister Twinkies. Those were the best times for them because when they were at school they never spent time together but when the school day ended.
And finally the sadness times for these friends is when Leslie died. It was so unbelievable to Jess that he lost a good friend. He told his little sister she was lying about Leslie being dead. When Leslie’s dad said he was going to have her cremated he had to face the fact that his friend was gone. Leslie was gone forever. It was very sad. He was so hurt and sad that he threw away the expensive art set Leslie had gotten him for Christmas.
Friendships have good times when you are getting along good with your friend. It is nice when you can do things with your friends and you have secrets with your friends like having a secret place called Terabithia.. There are times when you are so happy to have a friend. Someone you can trust. A person you can plan to do things with like going to church with your family on a holiday like Easter. A friend you can exchange gifts with at Christmas time without thinking of money or the cost of the gift. Just like Jess when he gave Leslie the little puppy even though he did not have to pay for it. Leslie would not have mind if he did not get her anything for Christmas because friends rather have friendship instead of things. Friendships can also be sad. When friendships break up or someone dies like Leslie did. It is sometimes so hard to find someone else who can be a friend like the person you have lost.

Tabrina St.Cyere said...

Having a friend that is different from you is more rewarding than having a friend that is like your twin especially because you would have more to talk about since you two are different, you two would have more to learn from each other and it can change the way you think about a certain crowd. For example in second I met one of my best friends Daren. She was very small even for a second grader, or I was just big? She had lived in Florida her whole life so when it snowed she was amazed. Daren was allergic to milk so whenever I went over I had to also eat soy milk (which I hated) but kept to myself.
Since Daren lived in Florida and me in Mass we had been to different places and experienced way different things leaving us talking for hours and hours. She tell me of all the places she had visited in Florida (I can’t remember the names). I also told her stories like how when I was little me and my family went down town Boston for new years and seen the ice sculpture of the dragon. I guessed that she never got to do something like that since it was too hot for an ice sculpture to even stay frozen in Florida.
When I was in second grade I wasn’t in to trying anything new especially foods. Daren’s favorite food was my least favorite even though I never tried it: sushi. She always had it for lunch. One time she asked me if I want any. I said no but then she said if I don’t try anything new I could miss out on my next possible favorite food. I thought about it and tried the sushi. I was expecting to fall on the ground and start to choke but it was surprisingly good. Ever since I beg my mom to get sushi when we go shopping. Daren also learned and experienced new things by being my friend. I taught her how to ice skate. It was very fun, she fell a lot though and brought me down with her.
When I first met Daren she was extremely shy and sort of isolated from the rest of the class, especially at lunch because the milk thing. Everyone thought she was some sort of freak. I wondered too so one day I ask if I could sit with her. The teacher said I had to wash my hands first. Then I sat down with her and it turned out she wasn’t that shy. She taught me how to play chop sticks. Chop sticks is a hard to explain game that involves using your finger and you take turns and the first one who gets up to five loses one hand that is like you because since you two have different opinions on things on things so you will talk more with them and share ideas. You could also learn new things from each other like when I taught Daren how to ice skate. The most rewarding thing to to having a almost oppitsite best friend is the way your thinking changes.

aniyah said...

Name: Aniyah Hill
Cohort: 6B
Subject: Humanities
Address: 270 Columbia rd.

Dear MS.Webster and MS.colmen

Today we are going to be talking about friendship, have you ever had a friend that is different than you and did it make it hard to be come friend’s. I think it would be hard. Yes I do have a friend that is different than me. No it was not hard to make a friend that was different. Friend ship means every thing.

Friend ship is grate. The reason why is because you have someone to talk. I like when I have someone to talk to other than my mom. My friends name is Fabeeha. I can talk to her about any thing. That is what friend ship is all about.

My friend is different from me because she is not the same nationality. That is how we are not the same. We also not the same because we don’t look the same. We like different things. Those are three ways we are not the same.

Nakia said...

Have you ever had someone that was different from you? Well I have. Her name is Cindy. We are best friends. We are different because,we have different cultures,gods, and food. Does it seem we are the same.

Yes I have been different from someone before. At first I thought like I would like them one bit and that they wouldn't like me for who I was. I also though that they would just hate me for no reason. But once I met Cindy I never though that ever again.

We are both different.I say this because,we had different foods. I eat fry chicken.She likes to eat stick rice.I and black and white.She is Vietnamese. Cindy believes in Buddha. I believe in Jesus and god. So there is a lot of difference.

No it was not hard to form a friendship.I say this because, we had interest in the same things.We both went to the same school.Then we both started to hang out and we did mostly everyday. Then we made each other laugh and made it fun. We made time fly by. That why it wasn't hard to form a friendship.

In conclusion even if we are different from each other we are still best friends no matter what. Also it doesn't matter whats on the outside what matters is on the inside. This is my five paragraph on friendship.

Soyini W said...

Nakilah is my best friend! Friendship was hard to make with Nakilah because she speaks Spanish, lives too far away, and doesn’t talk that much. Nakilah and I are a tag team now. We had trouble understanding each other, but we figured a way to. Now we are best friends and no one could stop us from being BFF’s.
What I can’t understand you! That is what we said to each other. Nakilah is Spanish, I was a little confused but I knew what she was talking about. She never knew what I was telling her either. So we started helping each other with Spanish and English. We both know 3 types of language now. Nakilah can’t speak English, but she’ll always be my girl.
We can never have parties together! I live in Boston and Nakilah lives in New York City. We cant go shopping, have sleepovers. So it’s really hard to connect with her because she lives to far away. We don’t have our weekend girl time together. So it’s hard finding friendship with some one who lives in New York City and that person is your best friend. I can’t take it. But now that Nakilah lives in Brockton. We find time for each other because we’re like sisters. That is what real sisters do for one another.
Why aren’t you talking Nakilah? When I first meet her she was quite, never talked. So I wanted to be friends with her. But it was hard going through that cycle. She was really shy at first but I broke her. She wouldn’t talk at all, not even on the phone. I felt bad for her. Now Nakilah just talks and talks all the time.
Friendship is a great thing to have. Friendship was hard to make with Nakilah because she speaks Spanish, so I was confused, lives far away, we never parties together, and never talked so I never knew what was on her mind. I can’t wait to see her in the summer. She is me best friend and no one could take her place. Nakilah was only friend who was different from me that I knew in the 4th grade. I miss her a lot.

Elroi weick said...

I have a lot of friends that are different from me. My friends were different from me because some were Spanish, Dominican, Haitian, Chinese, Indian, and Americans who were born here. They are different because I`m black, I have an African family, and my family eats African food sometimes. I respect my friends that are different. Some of my friends are black, white, or any person that was born in the U.S.A. Those friends of mine speak good English and they were born in America, but their parents were born in another country. But still any person that was born out of this country I will respect them anyway. The way I am different to some of them is my color, my heritage, and my family. The reason is that I have a white uncle who marry my mom`s sister. So half of my uncle`s family is related to me. But I don’t care if my uncle is white; the one thing that matters is about family. For all my friends it does not make it harder for me to form a friendship. It so easy to form a friendship. All you just talk to him or her and you get a friend. They way I do it is just talk to him or her or just say hi to the person. Sometimes friends could be mean to you or make fun of you. Well it’s kind of hard to form a friendship for me because some of my friends argue at me and sometimes I argue at them too. The hardest way to form a friendship is being tense. But you can solve a way to make a whole new friendship. Friendship is better more than a lot of things.